KinzieIndustry: Real Estate Services Group
Solution: Office 365 Migration

Client Profile:

This client is a midsize Real Estate Services Group specializing in Land Development, Property Management and General Contracting.

Client Challenges:

Our client was struggling to find a way to share information. Their previous method of emailing documents to colleagues made it very hard to keep track of which document was the most up-to-date, and resulted in a very large amount of data being stored on the company’s email server. They were looking for a way to integrate efficient document sharing and collaboration for employees on job sites and in office.   Additionally, they required a reliable backup strategy as well as a conference calling solution. 

Messina’s Approach:

Prior to engaging Messina Group, the client had considered Google Apps. After our analysis of the client’s current state, Messina recommended Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 suite as the appropriate solution. Part of this decision was based on the client’s familiarity with the Microsoft Office products. Their President commented, “If we had moved to Google Apps, our staff, who are used to the look and functionality of Microsoft products, would have faced a significant learning curve and the feature set would have been less robust.” Once this client made the decision to move to Microsoft Office 365, they also began using Microsoft’s SharePoint online to provide a better way of sharing documents.


Everything this client needed for productivity, communication and collaboration was built into Office 365. Moving to Office 365 resulted in a considerable financial savings for this client. Purchasing conventional office licenses for staff would have cost the equivalent of six years’ subscription to Office 365. They were able to spread that cost over time, instead of incurring an up-front cost. Additionally, with Office 365, they always have the most up-to-date software. Additional benefits they achieved are the ability to access Office 365 applications and documents from anywhere. Regardless of various devices used throughout the client, the interface is consistent so there was no need for additional training. The conference calling and instant messaging platform was very cost effective as opposed to buying these separate products from other providers. Lastly, SharePoint provided our client with a much needed update to their central repository of documents and gave them an efficient way to share documents with version and access controls.