lincoln internation pageIndustry: Investment Banking
Solution: Salesforce Data Migration

Client Profile:

Our client is a leading global Investment Bank focusing on the mid-market.

Client Challenges:

The Client was undertaking a major initiative to convert all of their global offices from a legacy InterAction CRM platform to the suite. The primary challenge was the migration of data from the disparate source systems which existed across all offices, including InterAction, MS Outlook and various custom spreadsheets. In addition to the effort needed to enrich, cleanse and transform the data from each individual source, the client needed expertise to help remediate the many instances of duplicate contacts and accounts that appeared several times in different forms across offices and data sources.

Messina’s Approach:

Messina conducted a detailed assessment to consolidate and profile each of the data sources present across all international offices. Once the assessment yielded concrete facts about the state of the data quality and the extent of the duplication issue, Messina was able to create a custom ETL process to first cleanse, enrich and de-duplicate the legacy data and ultimately transform it to fit the standard and custom objects in the target CRM platform.


The Client was able to launch their new CRM platform globally with all of their legacy data cleansed and de-duplicated, allowing for business as usual to pick up from day one. Furthermore, because of Messina’s custom process to tag each Salesforce record with the country code and source of origin, the client was able to adhere to global data privacy laws and have full audit of all source records.