Klein ToolsIndustry: Manufacturing
Solution: Platform Selection & Budgeting and Forecasting

Client Profile:
Our client is a global company based in suburban Chicago and is recognized as an industry leading manufacturer of hand tools.

Client Challenges:
With their legacy Cognos Planning software approaching 10 years of age and the desire to gain better visibility to company performance, the client needed to make a decision to modernize or replace their legacy software. Because Cognos Planning had been in place for over 10 years, the client did not have much exposure to other budgeting & forecasting software platforms, nor did they have the necessary experience in facilitating vendor demonstrations. Additionally, the client lacked the internal expertise to assess each proposed platform’s capabilities and compare the cost of ownership between on-premise and cloud-based options. An unbiased, agnostic solutions expert was needed to lead the tool assessments and facilitate vendor demonstrations and pricing negotiations.

Messina’s Approach:
Messina Group utilized our platform selection methodology to assess the gaps between the current state functionality and the future state capabilities required by the client’s strategic vision. The future state capabilities were organized into specific use cases, such as scenario planning or re-forecasting, and an index of potential software tools was gathered that could meet the requirements. Each potential vendor was initially evaluated against individual use cases and a shortlist of final contenders was created. Messina Group facilitated demonstrations with the vendor to ensure alignment with the clients use cases, then negotiated pricing and developed detailed TCO forecasts for the client.

By bringing in the expertise of the Messina Group, the client was able to evaluate several different software platforms by comparing features and functionality aligned to their specific use cases, allowing them to make a more informed decision on their platform selection. Additionally, Messina Group was able to save the client considerable amounts of time by facilitating vendor demonstrations, in addition to considerable cost savings by leveraging our expertise in license negotiations.