worker with grinding machine, power tool in factory. Details of cutting steel and iron

Industry: Manufacturing & Supply
Solution: Sales Force Performance Analytics

Client Profile:

Client is private equity backed, industry leading supplier of saw and milling products throughout the United States and Canada. Solutions and products offered include blades, equipment, consumables and manufactured components.

Client Challenges:

To measure their sales force performance, the client relied on a complex and labor intensive manual process for reporting that consumed over 100 hours per month. The existing solution involved manual extracts and Excel manipulation. The distribution of these reports lacked the timeliness, impact and relevance to truly measure the effectiveness of the sales team, or support them with the insights needed to improve performance. The manual nature of this reporting consumed valuable time from high level finance and sales executives, who spent their time creating reports, rather than acting on information.

Messina’s Approach:

Utilizing our Analytics Hub offering, Messina Group created a cloud-based EDW and Analytics solution using Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, SSIS and Power BI. This solution automatically ingests data from Sage on a nightly basis and populates a dimensionally modeled EDW. Powerful dashboards and reports, created in Microsoft Power BI, provide individual sellers, regional managers and executives with access to information needed to make timely decisions and measure performance. By emphasizing knowledge transfer during the course of the engagement, the client team can now create additional reports and handle administration tasks like distribution and security on their own.


The client is saving over 100 hours of manual reporting work each month by utilizing the Analytics Hub solution. While there used to be several weeks of latency in collecting monthly reporting, the sales team now has information refreshed each day, without any manual intervention. With better access to more timely information, management can properly measure and improve sales team effectiveness.