Industry: Distribution
Solution: Salesforce Value Enhancement

Client Profile:

Client is a rapidly growing national supplier to the CPG industry.

Client Challenges:

Our client implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud but due to various challenges their end user adoption was very low. They had also purchased Salesforce Service Cloud but never implemented it.

Messina’s Approach:

Messina Group assessed the current situation and determined the root cause for the low end user adoption was primarily two fold: a lack of Salesforce integration with legacy systems and critical functionality being left out of the original Salesforce roll out. In a nut shell, the existing Salesforce rollout was a typical technology centric implementation which resulted in additional manual effort, slowed down key processes and did not add value to their business.


The re-implementation of Salesforce led to the phasing out of several legacy applications, eliminated many redundant steps, implemented workflow which automated steps in the sales process and streamlined the sales quoting process.