Boelter Salesforce CPQIndustry: Restaurant Supplier
Solution: Salesforce Quote to Cash

Client Profile:

Our Client is an international distributor of a full spectrum of services and products including branded glassware and plastic ware.

Client Challenges:

The client generated hundreds of quotes per week, but there was no system of record.  Quotes were delivered in Word, PowerPoint, email and on the back of a napkin.  Without having a central repository for quotes, our client was unable to guarantee a consistent customer experience, both in terms of quote aesthetics and quoted price. Their lack of a centralized repository also made it impossible for the client to monitor a pipeline of quoted opportunities.

Messina’s Approach:

Messina Group assessed the current quoting process and designed the future state quoting process. Through a series of facilitated one-on-one, small group and large group interviews, Messina Group built consensus for the streamlined future state quoting process and defined the technology needed to automate the quoting process. Messina Group chose Salesforce Quote to Cash as the right solution for this client. A unique technical approach was called for as customer product data with static pricing lived in Salesforce while variable priced products continued to reside in their ERP system (where real time pricing was managed).  Messina implemented a solution utilizing Jitterbit and Salesforce Quote to Cash’s Quote Calculator Plugin to call out to ERP from the Quote Line Editor and return real time pricing based on a simulated order at that moment in time.


Through the implementation of Salesforce Quote to Cash, the client was able to streamline and automate the quoting process and deliver new client quotes in minutes versus days. Average Gross Margin per quote also improved as the client was able to eliminate low margin quotes.  Additionally, users can now convert quotes to orders with the click of a button as opposed to having to key an entirely new order into their ERP system.