Boelter Analytics Hub

Industry: Retail – Manufacturing
Solution: Analytics Hub

Client Profile:

Client is a major supplier of custom glassware, barware and food service equipment.

Client Challenges:

The client faced major issues with inventory management, including significant struggles in measuring inventory turnover across their product hierarchy. The legacy process could only be run once per month and only for top levels of the product hierarchy for select business units. On top of this, the process was spreadsheet-based, manually intensive and error prone.

The lack of quick, actionable insights into KPIs such as Days on Hand and Turnover at the most granular levels exposed the business to inefficiencies in sourcing products and recognizing ROI on stock.

Messina Approach:

The Messina Group worked with key business and technical owners to understand how the client wanted to measure critical inventory KPIs and where the source data for these KPIs resided. Once these aspects of the process were known, Messina Group utilized the Analytics Hub data integration platform to develop a Product Data Mart, which quickly captured, stored and calculated key inventory metrics for the entire product hierarchy across all business units and plants.

To expose these key metrics to business users, Messina Group created custom dashboards and workspaces using Microsoft Power BI to disseminate content to decision makers.


A process that was highly manual and took several days to complete was now automated and could run in a matter of seconds. The client now had faster, more accurate views of Inventory KPIs and powerful dashboards to provide the prescriptive visuals on where to focus their analysis.

Additionally, these interactive dashboards allowed the client to view KPIs throughout all levels of the Product Hierarchy and for custom time periods, right down to the most granular material levels. Armed with better insights to inventory performance and Turnover levels, key decision makers could now improve ROI by adjusting investment in specific product families, groups, or SKUs, freeing up capital on hand for alternative investment.