• Messina Group Analytics Hub for Businesses

Business insights through scorecards & rich visualizations

Small and medium businesses want to understand the story their data is telling. Analytics Hub is your Analytics Platform as a Service and answers your company’s most important questions: How are we performing? What does the future look like? What actions should we take?

Outsource your Analytics to us…we do it better, faster and cheaper.


“Analytics Hub has changed the way we make decisions. Our company now has the information we need to manage our business and deliver the information our clients want.”

-Andrew Parkinson, Founder and CFO of itemMaster

Your end-to-end Analytics Platform as a Service

We make things simple and have you LIVE in no time.
No implementation cost…you pay a low monthly fee.
Self-service Analytics on any device from anywhere.
Share data with your management team, customers and business partners.