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Top Performing Healthcare Providers are Data Driven
Analyze your operational data by visualizing and consuming scorecards and metrics with a consolidated dashboard. Say goodbye to spending hours creating or waiting for reports. Turn to Analytics Hub — its flexibility, speed and scalability give you the power to easily digest patient wait time, staff-to-patient ratio, bed or room turnover and other critical KPIs.


The Healthcare Provider Dashboard You Always Wanted
Analyze, filter, drill down and save invaluable time accessing and sharing key metrics with your team, vendors and managed care providers at work or from your smart phone. Analytics Hub does it all so you can focus on what’s most important…lowering readmissions, improving quality care and improving outcome metrics.

Enterprise Consolidated Dashboards and Metrics


KPIs for Healthcare Providers
When it comes to performance management, the old adage is true: You get what you measure. Simply put, the right KPIs and metrics to measure and monitor are those that have the greatest impact on your business as a whole. However, when it comes to performance management, most companies struggle to define which metrics to measure, how to measure them and why to measure them in the first place.  

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We Consolidate Data From ANY Data Source Including:

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