Analytics Advisory Services

Where is the business value? Where should we invest? What is the right BI platform for our organization? What is wrong with our current process?

These are common questions organizations ask themselves before embarking on major initiatives that will require significant time and investment. It helps to have a trusted advisor who knows the space to help ensure the success of your Analytics implementations.

As experts in the Analytics space, Messina Group can work with your organization in a number of ways to ensure you have a plan for success:

The Clarity Workship is a short-term, collaborative session with Messina Group experts to identify BI-related pain points and remediation opportunities for your organization.

The BI Roadmap is a 4-6 week consulting engagement focused on aligning BI capabilities with your business objectives.

bi roadmap image

Assessments are targeted engagements focused on specific, problematic technical areas or tactical pain points primarily focusing on your organization’s architecture, software and infrastructure methodologies.

Bi assessment image

Facilitates the selection of BI platform solutions to meet the business requirements of your organization.platform selection image